Karen Walkers A, B and C

Karen Walker

Eau de Parfum

Karen Walker ABC Box

Fresh on the market Karen Walker released her three fragrances today, A, B and C. All Eau de Parfums they come in two sizes 50ml ($130) and 100ml ($175). To my surprise, the bottle design are simple and discrete which is unlike Karen. I was expecting something oddly unique and quirky.

A is the happiness potion. It’s sparkly, bright, herbal and fresh. For Karen it’s the feeling of pure happiness that only dappled sunshine through verdant trees and a garden in bloom can create. A is a refreshing fruity floral with cassis, grapefruit, crushed mint leaves, rose, green tea and ylang ylang.

B is feminine and efflorescent. It’s lush, ripe, and delicious. It’s a warm, balmy breeze after the heat of the day. For Karen, this fragrance is brimming with possibilities. B is a delicious gourmand floral with bergamot, pink pepper, iris, Sambac jasmine, patchouli and praline.

C is addictive. It’s compelling, opulent and generous. It’s the most sensuous of the three and contains all of Karen’s favourite flowers condensed into a bottle. Every ‘no’ becomes a ‘yes’ when this scent’s in the air. C is a warm sensual floral with gardenia, magnolia, tuberose, Sambac jasmine, orange flower, sandalwood and amber.

Want to get your hands on one of these KW potions? They are currently available through the Karen Walker website, all Karen Walker stores and other major department stores throughout the country.



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