Topshop & Topman

Location: Auckland Central, New Zealand.

D.O.A: later half of 2014.

The British retail giant is finally going to set itself up with a multi-level store around the lower end of Queen Street in Auckland later this year. For those of us that hate paying for an extra $17 for shipping and the conversion fees on our credit cards, our prayers have been answered. I have my fingers crossed for those of us that don’t live in Auckland that it will mean a Topshop NZ website is on the horizon where we can purchase direct from the NZ store.

This is extremely exciting news to fashionistas in New Zealand as not only does this mean we will be able try everything on before buying it but we will also be receiving regular shipments (4 times weekly to be precise) of every single item that they sell in the UK. Yes! Every item that is released in the UK will also hit our shores. How amazing is that?

Now … when will H&M and Zara follow suit? I can’t wait.


Photo courtesy of New Zealand Herald.


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