M.A.C Cosmetics: Maleficent

We all have a wicked side that comes out to play every now and again and when you play the part, you should look the part.


In conjunction with the release of Disneys big summer hit Maleficent, M.A.C has created a mini limited collection inspired by this true villain. It consists of many goodies such as eyeshadows, eyeliner, lashes, beauty powder, highligher pen, nail lacquer but the stars of this collection has got to be the bold and clean bright red lipstick True Love’s Kiss and the sculpting powder. The sculpting powder may be the closest I’ll ever get to look like Maleficent (aka Angelina Jolies) with those amazingly high and defined cheekbones.

This collection is dark, mysterious andvillanous, a huge contrast with their latest collection Playland that was based on fun and playful colours.

These limited items will only be available in two selected M.A.C stores in the country (New Zealand), and if you’re lucky enough to be in Auckland then head down to Botany and St Lukes. The release will coincide with the movie release at the end of this month on 29th May. Now I’ve given you the inside scoop, don’t miss out!



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