CHANEL: Supermarkets and Catwalks

Shopping Center

Chanel Shopping CenterChanel Supermarket catwalk 2 Chanel Supermarket catwalk

Turning a catwalk runway into a supermarket (AKA Chanel Shopping Center) is pure genius. The Chanel AW ’14 show was a breath of fresh air. Models dressed in the latest Chanel gear paraded around the Grand Palais that was transformed into a supermarket setting for the show. They held shopping baskets adorned with the classic chanel chain (as seen their high-end leather bag) and browsed around shelves of Chanel branded items. As the models collected up their ‘coco’ cornflakes, Chanel Spaghetti and Tweed Lemon drinks they would eventually make their way to the Chanel check-out where I assume they would complete their purchases with Chanel cash equivalents.

Karl really knows how to amuse and keep things interesting in the fashion world. Catch the highlights of the supermarket catwalk or watch the full show here on

Picture credits go to: Business Insider Australia, Snob Essentials, Design Taxi

Chanel Toast Chanel Spirits
Chanel water Chanel Shopping Center Cart Chanel Tweed drinks Chanel Beans Chanel Spaghetti Chanel Deli Chanel oil Chanel No 9 eggs Chanel black saks
Coco Flakes Chanel Chanel Pretzelrihanna-cara-and-joan-hit-the-chanel-supermarket-136388146376303201 Rihanna


6 thoughts on “CHANEL: Supermarkets and Catwalks

    • Yeah … pretty much! All the work and effort put into the design and labels of each item that was in the supermarket. I can’t imagine. I personally think they should leave it up for a while as a museum for us (the ones that didn’t get an invite to the show) 😉

  1. Thanks for sharing the Chanel supermarket experience . I had seen some photos before but your post really shows the extreme design that went into the event. Interesting concept. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I often dream of design and fashion so come on by, anytime!

  2. Thank you for liking a post. Never seen a supermarket like that . Pretty cool guess that could be like that for a model as a big Equipment store is for Chefs:) Thanks:)

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