CAMEO: fashion in the city


Concrete Jungle Editorial

What better way to show a chic and sophisticated collection than amongst a backdrop of concrete madness. The designs, fabric and details are not only bold and beautiful but a show of what fashion is like in a big bustling city. I personally love the use of the tangerine, the cracked paint print and the structure of the garments in this collection. Interested in making a purchase? Check out the whole collection here at Cameo.

Cameo Concrete Jungle 10 Cameo Concrete Jungle 9 Cameo Concrete Jungle 8 Cameo Concrete Jungle 7 Cameo Concrete Jungle 6 Cameo Concrete Jungle 5 Cameo Concrete Jungle 4 Cameo Concrete Jungle 3 Cameo Concrete Jungle 2 Cameo Concrete Jungle 1


4 thoughts on “CAMEO: fashion in the city

  1. Oh I love them all!

    So glad that you found my blog so I found yours 🙂
    You are a great writer and have amazing taste in fashion. I have a lot to lear from you as a writer 🙂

    Im going to study in LA this summer for 5 years.
    Right know Im a under nurse in Sweden and have been for 6 years and Im so sick and tired of it and Im obsessed with fashion and style, have been since I was little.
    So I’m going to Study Fashion, Merchandising , photo and journalist.

    Hope to get a job in the fasionworld like my dream is.

    Im going to look at your blog for inspiration.

    you are so chic girl 🙂

    Have a great day


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