Pacman Blazer by RUBYIMG_4037

Who doesn’t love the Pacman blazer in crisp white and royal blue? The blazer sports an intricate design with a satin like lining and collar, it really screams ‘POP-POP’! This blazer was from the S/S 2010 Bedrock Collection and has been my favourite from way back (three years ago to be exact) and back then, they were called Ruby Boutique. Bedrock was one of my favourite Ruby collections including their A/W 2010. I loved almost every single piece of clothing they designed so I think I can safely say that 2010 was a good year for Ruby.

What are your thoughts? I hope my Orbits don’t detract any attention away from my beautiful blazer. Outties Chic-sters x

MyRUBYFavourite Pacman Blazer

Pacman Blazer


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