Wanderlusting with MOOCHI

MOOCHI: Wanderlust

Spring Collection 2013

Moochi Wanderlust Spring Collection 2013

There is no way that we would have missed the memo. Yes – spring is coming for all in the southern hemisphere. Spring collections are popping up left, right and centre! Now, I think the main question here is which one is our favourite. Actually, that was a really good blog thought! I think I will come back to that question in a couple of weeks time (so stay tuned).

For now, lets focus on Moochis’ spring collection ‘Wanderlust‘ and see what they have to offer. I’ve taken a look at their latest lookbook and it seems to me that they’re sticking to their colour palette for this year which is maroon, colbalt, black and white. Perhaps its their chosen colour theme for 2013? I’m not complaining, I do love my maroon (favourite berry colour) but a little more in the mix for spring wouldn’t hurt? Something brighter and more cheerful? Anyhow, I must say I love the slouch boots and my chosen favourite looks are as below. Thoughts? They’re on sale from today instore and online so check out their website if there are items you want! Night night x

Moochi Wanderlust Spring Collection 2013


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