The Man Who Created the World’s First Fragrance

An awesome post that I just needed to share. Some Fashion101 for you fashion lovers out there x

The c citizen


Born in Paris on the 20th of April, 1879, French couturier, Paul Poiret was arguably the most fashionable dress designer of the pre-World War I era. In the time before his death in April 1944, Poiret became particularly recognised for his Neoclassical and orientalist styles, for advocating the replacement of the corset with the brassiere, his startling inventions including “harem” pantaloons, and “lampshade” tunics, and for the introduction of the hobble skirt – a vertical, tight-bottomed style that confined women to mincing steps.

Personally, I’ve been enthralled by the exotic Belle Epoque designs of the French fashion genius. After selling his sketches to couturier houses and serving as a designer at the House of Worth, Poiret opened a small shop in Paris in 1903, which marked the beginning of his own fashion house. By 1909 Poiret had expanded into furniture, decor, and fragrance in addition to clothing. In 1911 he…

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One thought on “The Man Who Created the World’s First Fragrance

  1. Isn’t it so lovely to read a bit about fashion from days very long gone by? Such a fascinating read! All those fashionable beauties and creatives who came before us 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!

    (Here’s a little bit of fun fashion history I was blessed to stumble upon at a local market, if you would like to see – Harper’s Baazar from 1895! Ads for corsets and Ivory soap!):

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