CAMEO: White Shadows

White Shadows

New collection by Cameo the label is out ladies and it’s hot! I’ve selected a few of my favourite campaign photos to show you here but do check out the whole collection on the Cameo website. I’m loving the print on their new blouse with the waves of black down the middle. And don’t be fooled by the collections name because it’s not all about the white and the black. There are some amazing pieces in sharp magenta, orange and neon! I have a weakness for quilt leather and I’m so happy they’ve managed to slip a few into the range. My fave of the lot is of course the blouse I mentioned earlier, the magenta crop top and black on clear bomber. All these pieces are in stores now so I’d say hurry and go check them out before they sell out!

Happy Saturday x

smoke-print-bustier-1Cameo White Shadow 2013friendly_fires_bomber-copy reflection_bustier

Cameo the label - white shadows 2013 Cameo


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