MUSIC + RAIN + SUMMER: Music Festival Outfit

So what would I wear if I had to go to a music festival in the summer? THESE are my picks for the occassion! Gumboots, anorak with hood and umbrella for for the wet weather. A clear clutch that’s not only waterproof but would make your makeup essentials a lot easier to find and some awesome jewellery to match the event. Would you rock this outfit? Now I’m really wishing I have a summer music fest to attend to
Rainy Day Music Festival Style
A|Wear rock t shirt, $13 / Zara parka / Levi’s high-waisted jean shorts / Hunter wellington boots, $130 / Klear Klutch transparent purse / Alexander McQueen bracelet charm / Jennifer Zeuner / Bracelet ring, $23 / Gold jewelry, $465 / Hunter bubble umbrella, $60 / Paper hat / Country Road Mens Blue Scarf, $41 / MAC Cosmetics lip stick / Nail care, $22 / Anna Sui / Karen Walker

One thought on “MUSIC + RAIN + SUMMER: Music Festival Outfit

  1. Ok, my dear, now I have to invest in Wellies, for sure – you’ve put me over the edge! I’m loving this crop rock n roll tee, also. (I’ve a bit of a thing for the edgy on occasion!)

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