DIARIES of the ZARA obsessor (Part 1)

I’m in love with Zara at the moment and I don’t know how I got here. No – I lied. I know exactly how I got here. Thanks to their recent influx of AMAZINGLY STYLISH items, they’ve left me obsessing over their brand and all the things I cannot have. Unfortunate for me and all other Zara loving New Zealanders, we’re left without one in our country. The closest thing we have is the Sydney store in Australia or alternatively we can try to bag things up on Ebay or the odd Trade Me sale from ex-Zara owners.

The items you see below is my special wish-set I’ve created on Polyvore. Every single item I want from Zara as of this moment. I might even swap my Ruby Cupid Coat for one of those Zara Military Coats … My goal is to accrue all these items that I’ve placed in the photo set below. Lets just say, two items down and hundreds left to go but no doubt I’ll keep you updated. 

Diaries of the ZARA obsessions (Part 1)

7 thoughts on “DIARIES of the ZARA obsessor (Part 1)

    • I love that skort 🙂 I have both a black and a white now. You should go try it again but in different sizes so it sits at different lengths and wear heels and see if it helps 🙂

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