Feast up in STYLE

Wellington on a plate is around the corner and I’m EXCITED! With fine restaurants setting cheap lunch and dinner menus for the event, there’s no doubt I’d be loading myself with much nom-noms. Food aside, another thing came to mind – what to wear?

We’re talking about some of the finest cafes and restaurants here so looking the part is a must. Nothing too extravagant, stylish and comfort is a must meaning no bodycons as waistline tends to eh-hem bulge after a good meal. So here’s outfit ideas that’ll take you from day to night!

Feast up in STYLE

Dress, $235 / Cardigan, $210 / Necklace, $70 / Necklace, $115 / MAC Cosmetics / Orange lip stick / Marc Jacobs , $59 / Issey Miyake / Jack Wills / Butter London / Butter London / super clutch blue hair 100% Leather, $155 / studd clutch silver studd leather, $155 / wrapt heel leather/wood, $310

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