GUCCI: Topping the shoe world

GUCCI High-Top Sneakers

All about the neon

GUCCI Neon High-Top Sneakers

So, Gucci does high-tops now? When did this happen? I love Gucci and have been a supporter since way back but have stopped for a good four years just to get the credit cards back in check – back to the point, I’m glad they’ve done it. Look how popping these high-tops look! Gucci went full neon on us? DANG! About time they added some modern cool to the line. These neon babies are the Coda leather sneakers. They’re made in Italy, they’re leather and they’re definitely quality.

Not only have they put out the Coda high-top range but recently released these bad boys the ‘Hudson padded nylon high-tops‘. All these high-top sneakers are unisex so nobody has to miss out. I actually quite like these… wonder how much they’d set me back in real life dollars?

GUCCI High-Top Sneakers


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