MARC JACOBS: Honey to a Bee


For all the Marc Jacobs fans out there – just letting you know in advance (if you haven’t already heard) that MJ will be releasing a flanker fragrance called ‘Honey’. Top notes are pear, fruit and mandarin with a heart orange blossom, peach nectar and honeysuckle and a drydown of honey, golden vanilla and soft woods. All I can think of is YUM!

My relationship with MJ fragrances began with Daisy. I fell in love with the scent but the bottle! It was a piece of art in itself, and I couldn’t resist. Not long after, came the flanker Daisy Eau So Fresh (which I loved even more) and then to make things even better – MJ stole my heart with Dot (which by the way I have all three in my current collection). I think I’ll give into temptation when Honey hits the shelves. To be honest, I’m already imagining how cute that bumblebee themed bottle would look with the rest of my perfume bottles!

From what I gather, Honey will be launched as a Sephora exclusive in July and will be in Bloomingdales stores in late August followed by a full rollout in America in September. At this moment, I haven’t had any news on when the international release would be but I’d be sure to update you all if I hear anything! I hear the digital campaign will begin in July … can’t wait for its arrival.


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