KATE OF ARCADIA: Deadly Ponies x Company of Strangers (mashup)



At first I thought ‘Kate of Arcadia’ (K.o.A) … I haven’t heard of this brand before – it must be an emerging NZ designer! How wrong was I? So it turns out that the creator of K.o.A – Katie Smith was the co-founder/desginer for Deadly Ponies (DP) and she was once a designer for MIMCO over in Australia. No wonder I thought I saw a hint of DP in her designs (i.e. Manx, Jackdaw, Floyd and Stevie .. well all of them really). It makes sense now that I know she was one of the co-founders. I have found that her style is like a mashup of Company of Strangers and DP so if you like  luxuriously soft leather bags from either of those labels, then you’d love K.o.A.

Kudos to Katie for coming out and starting her own line of bags. You can check out her full collection now at Kate of Arcadia and support New Zealand designers. YAY!


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