UGG: The Wedding Collection?


Ok, so there’s nothing in this range that I would purchase off the cuff, but UGG never seems to run out of ideas. I know they’ve expanded their market and are now producing bags, shoes, sandals, apparel and even recently started allowing customers to customise their own pair of UGG boots but nope. They wanted to go further. They’ve come up with the wedding edition for women  ‘I Do Wedding Collection’ – what next? A new collection for every festival?

I must admit, it’s a cute idea for someone that is having a winter wedding … winter, snow, wedding .. I can see why people would get caught up with the theme. I’d probably end up swiping my credit card for the pair with the big diamante button. But for now, I’ll probably just rely on my trusty pair of Cardi UGGs I got two years ago. They’re still going strong ❤

Curious as to how much these wedding UGGs cost? Click on the picture above and it’ll take you straight to the page.


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