LAZY SUNDAY Quest one: Scarf/Snood


For those of you that already follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you would know that yesterday late afternoon I went on a mission in search of the best deal for a knitted scarf. Criterias were style, price and materials. With a budget of $40 and under, I set myself into cheapies mode and a wave of stores came to mind: Farmers, Dotti, Cotton On, Wildpair and TEMT.

First I paid a visit to Wildpair but they didn’t even have any scarfs in store so I quickly moved onto Farmers next door (there was no time to waste). There I found a good range of products, colours and prices. The best part was that there was 30% off womens accessories! SCORE! Found and tried on a few and narrowed it down to two snoods – one with colour and one that was black with grey. I made a mental note of those two and then headed to my next destination TEMT. TEMT was very cheap, but there was absolutely nothing there. The store looked like one big garage sale to me so I walked out and then trotted to Glassons. Not much range, but were definitely cheap $5 on special so I grabbed a couple of these cheapies and tried them on. There was a white and grey striped one which I liked but not loved so I moved onto my next destination – Dotti.

Dotti rarely lets me down and this time was no exception. With five minutes left before close, I swiftly picked my favourites off the shelf and ran for the changing rooms. Unfortunate for me, both the ones I picked – I liked. Tempting … not only were they stylish, looked good, but they were only $29.99! Right, before I made a decision I made it to the last top – Cotton On. There wasn’t much of a range but $19.95, you can’t really go too wrong. Colour range was good they went from neutrals to neons. I grabbed the magenta (hot pink) and the neon yellow and off I went. Tried the two snoods and they popped!

What did I end up getting? I decided on the classic, chic looking one that would stand the test of time (the black and grey snood in the top left corner). I purchased it from Farmers for just under $28 (with the discount) and for this price, I didn’t mind that the material was acrylic and not wool or anogora cashmere blend. It was a safe and typical colour combination I know, … but what was the point in getting a scarf that you could hardly mix and match the rest of your wardrobe with right? If I wanted to brighten things up a little, I know it’ll look good with a slightly loose coloured knit, black pants/skinnies and a pair of ankle boots.

Lesson learnt? A girl can never have too many scarfs. And if this sounds like you, then I suggest you do exactly what I did, rather than spending $80-$150 on an expensive designer scarf/snood this season. Opt for cheaper options. That way you can afford to buy more than one this winter.


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