MONOCHROME: The Black & White Ball


Whether it be winter, summer, autumn or spring, you can never go wrong with black and white. It may seem a bit boring at times, but if you wear it the right way then we’re onto a winning outfit.

If you decide to go all black, you must remember to mix the textures you’re layering. Everything in cotton or same material is not going to work. Mix a bit of leather (with that shine in the light), work with coated jeans or wet look leggings then pair it with plain tops (yes this part can be cotton) and perhaps team it with something mohair or fur to give it that varied look and people can actually see you’ve got different pieces going on.

Black and white bold patterns or prints look really well (i.e. the black and white dress in the above picture from ASOS). If you do that, all you need is a plain coloured jacket over the top and you’re done. That bold print would be your statement piece. Mixing up the textures here may detract attention from it so discretion is advised.

B & W colour blocks would also work but again, definitely looks best with different textures so here you should play around with your pieces until you get the right balance.

The above looks from left to right taken can be purchased from:


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