Shine Bright like a Diamond: Metallics, Studs, Glitter


(Country Road and Karen Walker belts)

Looks like studs, glitter and metallics are still going strong this winter! It seems like all the stores have at least one of these items up for grabs! ACCESSORISE ME! x

The photos I have put up are all designer brand accessories. I can’t always afford designer gear myself so if you’re also looking for cheaper options (like non leather belts, bags and clutches) with similar designs I would head to ASOS, Topshop and try my luck. Alternatively head into Glassons, Dotti or Supre store because sometimes you might just get lucky in those places. They are hit and miss so if  you have the time, why not check out all three stores before making a final purchase. Belts and bags range from $10-$50, are only PVC, but for that price – you don’t really need them to last more than a season 🙂

For mid range options I like to browse Country Road, Witchery, Max and Marcs (watch Marcs cos most of their items aren’t actually leather). They offer style, quality and doesn’t come with a price tag that reads the same amount as your rent! They might cost twice to three times as much as your belts at the cheaper stores but the product should last longer than one season so you’ll get your moneys worth of wear out of them.

BagsTop Left: Country Road, Top Right: Ruby, Bottom Left: Vintage Princess, Bottom Right: Oroton, Right Side: Oroton


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