L’OCCITANE en Provence: Cherries on top


I know this isn’t exactly style or fashion related but its a win and something I must share!

If you’ve ever bought anything from L’occitane then you’d be familiar with their wide range of fragrant beauty and skincare products. My favourite scents have mainly been cherry related: Sweet Cherry, Princess Cherry and Plum Blossom (which unfortunate for me, were all limited editions).

Spring Cherry

Apparently L’occitane have launched yet another ‘cherry’ item to their line of limited editions which was recently released in Hong Kong and set for New Zealand shores in about four weeks time … (not long to go)! The Spring Cherry collection comes in the form of soap, shower gel, body moisturiser, hand cream and eau de toilette.

L’occitane items aren’t the most expensive but they are still pricey. So if you like the scent and don’t have much cash to spend, then do what I do. Treat yourself to a handcream instead. That way, you can enjoy the scent and brand without breaking the bank and handcreams always come in handy especially with winter around the corner.

I am so excited about this range I don’t really know if I can wait four whole weeks. Perhaps I might ask some one to send me some from Hong Kong?



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