To *bling* or not to bling …

There are so many pretty shoes out there this season and today I got a little shoe happy and decided to try on a pair … or two or three. Ok, I tried on a lot more than that but that’s not the point. The main question is – to bling or not to bling and if I do bling, would I go with the striking purple pair or the ever versatile black!?

Metallics, studs and diamantes are clearly in this season but I must think about practicality and how often I’d wear them and most importantly – what would it go with in my ‘current’ wardrobe. The last comment was silly. If I like an item enough, I will get it and I will make it work.

Angeline (Purple) Angeline Brogues Black

What would I wear these with and on what occasions? If I had the purple ones I’d rock at my office day job and wear them with a pair of 3/4 length pants, a long sleeve chiffon shirt (worn with a singlet underneath of course). The whole outfit would be black except for the shoes so that they receive the attention it deserves. It would definitely add a bit of difference to a more ‘serious’ and less fashionable work environment. Now for the parties and nights out in town I can guarantee they’d be a head turner and envy of many . I would team them with an a-line or slightly loose skirt (anything but bodycon) with a slightly loose singlet (tucked). Though a note to self – boutique bars and classy restaurants only because you won’t want them to get trampled on by drunks.

They are cute, they are chic, they have edge and point of difference. Conclusion = good for purchase. Lets make it happen. Lets make them shine. (Angeline Brogues)


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